About Us

Welcome to Elevated Spirit,

At Elevated Spirit, our journey is deeply rooted in the transformative power of hope and faith. My personal battle with colon cancer served as a profound awakening, revealing the immense strength found in unwavering faith, particularly during life's most challenging moments.

Having faced adversity not only in health but also in navigating the complexities of faith alongside an unbelieving spouse, I understand firsthand the struggles that new Christians encounter. Despite the obstacles, I've discovered that staying immersed in the Word, especially during hardships, has been the cornerstone of my faith journey's renewal.

Elevated Spirit is not just a business; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities found in faith. My own journey has fueled our mission to infuse Christian messages of encouragement into stylish and fashionable items, serving as constant reminders of the power of faith and the importance of staying connected to God's promises.

Our Mission

At Elevated Spirit, our mission is to inspire faith and hope in the hearts of young Christians, particularly those facing health battles and the skepticism of unbelievers. We believe that faith isn't just a belief but a transformative force that can uplift and empower, regardless of life's circumstances. Through our curated collection of jewelry, blankets, bags, journals, and more, we aim to spread messages of love, hope, and faith to every corner of daily life.

Our Passion:

Crafted with passion and purpose, each product at Elevated Spirit embodies more than just fashion—it's a symbol of resilience, empowerment, and unwavering faith. We are committed to creating a brand that seamlessly blends style with spirituality, celebrating diversity and authenticity in every design. Our hope is to inspire individuals to express their beliefs boldly, finding strength and solace in pieces that reflect their unique journey.

Our Offerings

Explore our vibrant range of products designed to infuse faith into every aspect of daily living. From trendy jewelry pieces adorned with uplifting messages to cozy blankets and journals featuring vibrant colors and encouraging words, each item serves as a tangible reminder of God's love and presence. Our bags and journals offer practical solutions for everyday needs while carrying messages of hope and encouragement.

Shop with Confidence

When you choose Elevated Spirit, you're not just purchasing products; you're joining a movement of faith, hope, and resilience. We understand that new believers come in all ages and backgrounds, and we celebrate the beautiful diversity within the Christian community. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the perfect pieces to express your faith with pride. Thank you for entrusting Elevated Spirit to be your partner in spreading love, hope, and faith through fashion.

Warm regards,

Jenn Carroll Founder of Elevated Spirit